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Thank you for your interest in the Storms Family Foundation.  Please know that we are not accepting applications for 2024.  Funding for 2024 has been fully designated.

Our main focus is to fund projects that directly and positively affect human life. We wish to see a beginning and an end to a specific project. However, we will consider applications that involve capital improvement.


* We will accept only an IRS 501(c).

Application Paperwork

Online Application Form (Preferred):

  • Complete the online grant application form below.  Please keep your answers to a minimum.  You may provide more details in your paperwork.

  • Click Submit.

  • You will receive an email (it may come to your junk/spam folder) acknowledging receipt of the form.

  • From that email, make three copies of the application.

  • Use those copies when submitting your corresponding paperwork by mail.

  • If, for some reason, you do not receive an email acknowledging receipt within twenty four hours please use the Manual Application Process.​


Submit by Mail Application Form:

  • Download the fillable application here or click on the icon.

  • Fill it out and make three copies of the completed form.

  • Mail them along with the corresponding paperwork in sets of three.

Corresponding Paperwork - IN THIS ORDER:

  1.  Letter of Introduction (for first time applicants only)

    1. First time applicants, or those who have not been funded in the past, must submit a Letter of Introduction along with the Grant Application and corresponding paperwork.

    2. The Letter of Introduction must be on official letterhead and include the following:

      • Name, title and email address of your principal contact

      • The area of interest that will apply to your project

      • How your organization impacts your community/constituency

      • A description of the project for which support is being requested

      • A brief project budget including the amount being requested

      • The anticipated outcome of the project

  2. A detailed project budget including all sources of income

  3. An outline of how you will determine the outcomes of your project

  4. A list of the members of your board of directors

  5. A list of your donor foundations

  6. A brief description of the individuals involved in the project

  7. A copy of your IRS determination letter

  8. Your most current financial statements and IRS Form 990.

Application Processing

(a grant paperwork checklist is provided below)

  1. All completed paperwork must be received, in triplicate, and secured individually with a binder clip only and postmarked by September 15 of each year.  Incomplete or late paperwork will not be considered.

  2. We recommend that you send the application packets by UPS or FedEx!

  3. We also want to be good stewards for the earth. Please.....refrain from sending unnecessary paperwork with your application.

  4. Questions must be directed to our email address which is: Please respect our privacy... No personal phone calls, please. We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  5. After we've received all of the applications and looked them over we will choose the ones we are most interested in.

  6. Those applications will be addressed at our annual meeting in January of the new year. In February, every organization which applied will be contacted via letter as to the status of their application and funding will be included as applicable.

  7. Progress Reports

    1. A comprehensive, year to date, report on how the funds were spent, specific to your project, is due by August 10 of the funding year.  This report should be sent via our mailing address. We are interested in a continued dialogue that, along with the report, could provide pictures, journals, or even personal letters from recipients affected by the project. Organizations that do not send a report will not be considered for further funding.

  8. Site Visit

    • Following a review of your Letter of Introduction a Director will determine whether a site visit will be scheduled. It is expected that at least one board member from your organization will be involved in the visit.

  9. An organization, wishing to use the Storms Family Foundation logo, may do so only with permission. It must match the exact color as seen on this website.

  10. Our funding policy is to support a specific organization for no more than three consecutive years and then take a hiatus of one year.

CLICK HERE for 501(c)(3) Requirements.*

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