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The Board of Director consists of three sisters;

Suzanne Storms Millis, Rosemary Storms Montgomery and Anna Storms Ingram.


Suzanne Storms-Millis Berselli, first born of the Storms children, is President of the Storms Family Foundation.  She has long been active in nonprofit organizations in Eugene and Portland.  In addition to her volunteer work, she owned and ran a successful small business.  Upon selling her business, she returned to school and received a law degree from the University of Oregon in 1987.

Suzanne has always been dedicated to women and children’s issues and seeks to strengthen families by providing access to resources and care, thus creating a basis for a healthy community.

Her other passion is art and architectural design in landscapes and buildings.  She believes parks, green spaces and buildings provide an artistic sensibility and an uplifting sense of community.  All of her work has been dedicated to address her belief that the embodiment of true poverty is “no money, no power and no beauty.”


Rosemary Storms Montgomery, third born of the Storms children, is Secretary of the Storms Family Foundation.  Rosemary has been actively involved with two crisis pregnancy centers, Birthright and 1st Way. In addition, she works with Rachel's Vineyard, a post-abortion healing ministry. She helped to establish Project Aurora and serves on their board.  She is committed to the idea of caring for the mother and child and believes that one helps the child by helping the mother. Rosemary has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Oregon and currently teaches piano.


Anna Storms Ingram, sixth of the nine children of Mark and Doris Storms, is Treasurer of the Storms Family Foundation. She received her higher education at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she majored in Business Administration. She started and ran a small business in Scottsdale, Arizona, which she sold in 2009.

As a director, she finds Ethiopia and the health of its women and children dear to her heart. She has traveled with several different medical teams from OHSU to Mekelle and Gimbie, Ethiopia, to provide free surgery and medical training. And, as an equestrian, she knows the value of the healing power of horses.  Thus, she encourages funding hippotherapy programs.  Along with horses, Anna believes wholeheartedly in the healing therapy of dogs.  Her Labrador, Gracie Mae, is a certified therapy dog through the Portland Area  Canine Therapy Teams program.

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